Abba Girls Tribute Show

Step back in time with the Abba Girls Tribute Show. Join us on Friday, 19th July at 8 PM, this show is a dazzling tribute to ABBA’s Frida and Agnetha, performed by Australia’s finest ABBA duo. Admission is free, ensuring a night full of iconic music accessible to all.


From the timeless thrill of ‘Dancing Queen’ to the emotional depth of ‘Chiquitita,’ and the vibrant energy of ‘Mamma Mia,’ the Abba Girls recreate the best of ABBA’s catalogue. The evening promises high-energy performances in eye-catching, authentic ABBA costumes. Experience the harmony, the costumes, and a lively show that invites audience participation, making it more than just a concert—it’s an event where you can relive the glory of ABBA’s music.

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