Finding Stellar

Bribie Island RSL is excited to present Finding Stellar, a duo renowned for their captivating performances and innovative take on popular music.


Known for their fun and dynamic presence, Finding Stellar transforms any event into an unforgettable experience. With Brendan’s 40+ years of experience in guitar mastery, audiences are treated to exquisite finger-picking melodies played on his cherished 30-year-old Maton. Alongside Brendan, Jenni’s smooth and sultry vocals bring a unique depth to their music, ensuring that Finding Stellar stands out in every performance.


As vibrant friends with a shared passion for music, Brendan and Jenni bring an infectious energy to the stage. Their extensive repertoire, ranging from the timeless tunes of the Beatles to the soulful sounds of Amy Winehouse, demonstrates their versatility and skill in engaging audiences of all tastes. Renowned for their ability to read a crowd, Finding Stellar guarantees a lively and entertaining atmosphere, making them a perfect addition.

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