Check In Qld App

Members, in the coming days you’ll notice a change to the way you sign into the Club due to the Qld Government mandated Check In Qld App. As of Friday 30 April 2021, you will need to have the app downloaded on your smart phone so that you can scan the QR Code to enjoy the Club’s facilities. If you don’t have a smart phone, then we have a manual system for you to sign in with.


The Members Kiosks have been moved a little further into the foyer so that once you’ve scanned your QR code, you can swipe your membership card to check your points balance and receive your tiered loyalty rewards. As always, we thank you for your understanding and patience as our amazing team do their best to make this new process as seamless as possible.


Here’s what to do to make your visit a little easier:


  1. Download the Check In Qld App from Google Play or Apple App stores.
  2. Enter your details once when you first open the app.
  3. Open the app when you next visit us.
  4. Select ‘Check in Now’ and scan our QR Code on entry to the venue.


We do need you to wait until you enter the venue to check in, as our fabulous team need to see the check in ‘Tick Of Approval’ from you. Here are some links to download the app:

Apple Store – Check In Qld App
Google Play – Check In Qld App

Member Rewards

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